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Solar Panel Cleaning Services in California – Increase Their Efficiency and Longevity

In 2009, Google determined that solar panel cleaning has a positive impact on performance.

The company has held a 1.6 mW solar panel installation and their experiment with solar panel cleaning increased their efficiency significantly.

While companies don’t talk about it, cleaning helps you maximize their effectiveness.

Cali Solar can provide maintenance work which includes regular cleaning of your panels.

It helps ensure that you save the most money and get the most energy the sun provides.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Solar Panel CleaningDue to the exposure of solar panels, they become prone to accumulating dirt.

Bird droppings, leaves, and other materials gather there.

Many solar power companies advise that there is no need to clean panels because rainwater does the job.

There are many types of dirt that rain will not remove, especially if they accumulate.

Imagine how a car’s windshield gets washed by rainwater.

The water may remove some dirt, but it will not make the glass clear. Imagine not cleaning your windshield for months.

Its lack of clarity will affect your ability to drive. The same is true for solar panels. Over time, the dirt will attach to the surface of the panels.

Your Solar Panels Need the Care it Deserves

A car’s windshield and a solar panel get exposed to the same elements.

There is a loss of visibility, meaning less light enters through the glass.

You lose money in the amount of solar energy your panels fail to generate.

We advise regular solar panel cleaning to maximize your output and generate as much energy as the manufacturer claims.

It is the way for you to achieve optimal performance. By cleaning solar panels regularly, you protect your investment.

Generating the most energy also allows you to take advantage of net metering.

Solar panel cleaning is a must in many parts of the world.

Even with California boasting the best solar environments in the country, it pays to have regular cleaning.

You want to make the most out of the state’s sunny skies.

Does Cleaning Make a Difference?

Dirty Solar Panel CleanedCleaning improves as much as 30% of panel efficiency.

Many studies have shown the data to back up this claim.

It is the reason companies like us offer cleaning as a part of our maintenance service.

For larger arrays like commercial and industrial panels, they can even achieve higher output with cleaning.

Some establishments reported a 60% efficiency improvement.

Dirt and dust are a few of the biggest contributors to solar panel efficiency drops.

It can even affect your warranty during a claim. Some warranties require regular cleaning as a condition.

It pays to have us clean your panels to ensure that you get warranty coverage when a sudden problem rears its head.

You may think you don’t need the warranty, but it covers you during extreme weather conditions.

It’s also a way to protect your panels if a large branch suddenly breaks the solar panels.

Is Solar Cleaning Worth It?

Most of California has trees and wildlife. Leaves can gather atop your panels and block light.

They also attract critters like birds which leave droppings that also block the sun.

While they may not affect your panels right away, their build-up will.

If you have flat solar panels, then they can also be susceptible to water build-up. This water can also accumulate dirt and become muddy.

When it evaporates, it leaves a residue that immediately affects your panels.

Cleaning panels are easy though it is a dangerous task. Since most panels are on your roof, you put yourself in a precarious position if you do it yourself.

The best way to go about solar cleaning is to have professionals like our team handle it. We only recommend do-it-yourself cleaning when your panels are on the ground.

Even when cleaning it yourself, we do not recommend that you use high-pressure cleaners.

They can damage the panels and can accelerate moisture build-up.

Moisture can lead to corrosion and other problems. Using pressured water on the roof can also damage tiles and shingles.

We understand how to clean panels so that they work up to your standards. We also have the equipment to ensure that cleaning is a safe task.

You can invest in the same type of equipment, but you’ll find that it’s too costly if you aren’t cleaning your panels often. Trying to do it on your own isn’t safe or economical.

If you don’t follow the safety standards, you could end up with an injury or worse.

Many life-changing injuries occurred because of falls from a roof. It can even potentially lead to death.

The Cost

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance can cost anywhere from $100 to $350. It will average you around $3 to $10 per panel.

The cost depends on the size of your system, its placement, and the level of cleaning needed.

Here are some other aspects that affect the price:
● Proximity to us
● Maintenance agreement
● System location

You can choose a system with monitoring, to ascertain when you need maintenance. The general recommendation is for cleaning to occur twice a year.

Some panels only need it once a year. In a generally sunny place like California area, cleaning is much more important as debris can gather fast in a dry environment.

Cleaning can be a part of a general inspection and maintenance. During this time, we also check other components.

Wear and tear are normal for solar panel systems.

We can handle any loose parts and repair cracks so that they won’t develop into bigger problems.

At times, we may even need to relocate the system or trim nearby trees.

Solar Panel Cleaning with Cali Solar

Cali Solar has helped install many rooftop systems in the state.

Our experience in installation and maintenance makes us the leader in panel cleaning.

We help you improve efficiency and reduce the risk of damage through our maintenance plans. It is a way to continue using clean energy as we head towards a renewable future.

If you want to know more about our services, contact us today. We’ll explain to you how the process works.
You can coordinate a schedule with us, and we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs.