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Solar Panel Removal in California – Save Money and Energy for Your Home or Business

Welcome to Cali Solar, your trusted solar provider in California. At Cali Solar, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality solar solutions to meet your energy needs. As a leading solar provider, we offer a wide range of services, such as installing solar panels, solar panel removal and replacement, to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your solar energy systems.

Our expert team specializes in professional solar panel removal services. Whether you need to upgrade your system, relocate your panels, or perform maintenance, we have the expertise to safely and efficiently remove your solar panels while preserving their integrity.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Solar Panels?

If you are planning to purchase a new home and take your solar panels with you or thinking about a reroof, you will need to remove your existing solar power system.

With solar’s rising popularity, information on having a system installed is available almost anywhere.

The case is the opposite when it comes to removal.

We’ll discuss how much the removal of solar panels will typically cost here in California.

The price of removing your solar panel systems from your roof will range from around $300 to $500.

But there are a few determining factors on how much the actual price is going to be.


Aside from the actual panels, there are also some extras you might have to spend on.

The racking or mounting hardware you’re using could significantly add to the amount you’re going to spend.

Another thing you should consider is the disconnection of the electrical system, which could bump up the price to around $100.

Solar Panel Repair

If your panels or glass needs to have some repairs done, you should expect the cost to be somewhere around $200 to $1,000, subject to the severity of the damage.


Once removed, there will definitely be penetration holes that you’ll need to fill to avoid moisture intrusion.

Usually, that means hiring a roofing contractor. You could spend a minimum of $600 and up to $1,500 to $9,000 for new roofing.

This is a necessary spend since exposed openings can cause leakage and other further damage to your home.

Method of Purchase

The determination of the price actually depends on how you got your panels installed.

If you acquired a solar lease and are planning to have your panels removed before your contract has ended, you could be charged a considerable amount.

You could be charged fees for removing the panels before your contract has ended.

Solar Removal and Reinstall

worker on the roof installing solar panelsShould you need to temporarily remove and reinstall your solar panels, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled professionals will ensure a smooth and hassle-free solar removal process, guaranteeing the seamless reintegration of your panels once the necessary work is complete.

Solar panels can be removed for good or reinstalled. The people who can install panels can also remove them for you.

Though a simple process, the execution can actually be very delicate because a solar power system consists of a myriad of electrical connections that need to be handled only by trained professionals.

Solar panels must also have a designated safe storage place once removed from your roof to avoid any damage.

We at Cali Solar can properly do this for you. We are careful to protect your solar energy system, the mounting hardware holding it in place, and your roof.

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How Do I Get Rid of My Old Solar Panels?

There are numerous ways you can discard your used solar panels.

Some methods can actually earn you money.

If yours are still working and you just want to have them replaced, you can sell them, as more people want to get their hands on affordable panels.

If they’re broken—damaged glass or electrical system—and repairs are not an option, then recycling is probably the best option for you.

Recycling Solar Panels

To have your panels recycled, you’re going to spend a quite expensive amount, because doing so is not very environmentally friendly.

Solar cells unfortunately consist of heavy metals like cadmium and lead, which can be very harmful to the environment when not recycled or disposed of properly.

Additionally, recycling solar panels is a very intricate process because they are constructed from several parts made into one product such as:

  • Silicon solar cells
  • Metal framing
  • Glass sheets
  • Wires
  • Plexiglas

Taking those components apart and recycling them each in a unique way is a tricky and costly process.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You should never just chuck your panels in a landfill. Solar panels are very similar to batteries and other electrical devices.

They should be discarded with care because they contain potentially harmful chemicals and metals.

Will Solar Panels Be Mandatory in California?

Image 1: Trees and plants on arrangement of gold coins with solar panels backgroundAs of 2019, California has over one million solar roofs.

With consistent efforts by the local government and solar companies, solar prices have gone down, positively affecting the market.

More and more homes are adopting a much cleaner source of energy because of its wide range of benefits economically, environmentally, and personally.

California also has its own incentive program for residents who use solar power.

In 2020, to fully advocate solar as a renewable and better source of energy, California has mandated new residential buildings to have a solar power system through the state’s Building Standards Commission.

The state hopes to achieve its carbon-neutral energy status within 30 years.

Californians who’ll add a high-capacity battery for storing the sun’s energy to their new system will also receive more incentives.

According to the state governor Gavin Newsom, who signed the “California’s Solar Mandate” into effect, residences with solar panels “are more resilient to power outages, have increased value, and save the property owner more than $15,000 in energy costs over 30 years.”

So, the answer is yes if you fit in the ‘newly constructed single-family residence and multi-family residences up to three stories high’ criteria.

All future buildings that are less than four stories will be required to have a solar panel system.

You may opt to pay for solar panels outright, lease, or enter a power purchase agreement with solar developers.

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