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Solar Power for Your Business in California

Going solar is one of the best moves a business can make. It presents your company as one that is environmentally responsible and green conscious.

Many of today’s consumers consider how their products and services affect the environment.

You help sway them towards a positive opinion by making the switch.

The positivity of commercial solar is one of many benefits that it provides to businesses.

With government incentives, going solar is an investment that pays for itself.

How quickly a system pays for itself may surprise you.

Cali Solar is here to help your business transition towards relying on clean solar energy.

The Benefits of Going Solar for a Business

It’s no secret that electricity prices increase with growing demand.

Corporations are looking for renewable energy that can help them sustain themselves for many years to come.

Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to solar:

It’s Low Maintenance

Solar panels rarely need any maintenance during their lifespan.

In case of lower efficiency, we can check for any adjustments to maximize the solar generation output. Your panels will last at least 25 years without any issues, and they can even go on for 40 years.

Rain helps wash away the dirt on it, so cleaning is only a requirement during dry seasons.

If you ever experience any problems within its 25 years, most panels have a warranty. You can contact us for any help with your system.

Fast Return on Investment

Thanks to the clear and sunny skies of California, your panels will produce a lot of energy.

California is one of the best places in the US to install solar due to the amount you can generate.

The system pays itself back within three to six years, thanks to the weather we have.

From then on, it is savings that help your business grow in other areas.

Reduces Operating Costs

It is possible to offset all your energy usage with our commercial solar products.

Even during cloudy or rainy seasons, you can still have an output that reduces 20 to 80% of your energy bills.

In ideal conditions, you won’t have to pay anything thanks to incentives and other programs that help you save money.

Relying on the local electric grid is a shaky foundation. Costs always go up, and your business could be on the end of a bill you are not prepared to pay.

These short-term spikes make it hard for you to hit your bottom line and profit. The more electrical prices rise, the better off you’ll be relying on solar.

The Difference of Home Solar to Business Solar

commercial solar contractor in california - Cali SolarWe understand that commercial panels have greater demands than residences.

You need to be able to generate enough energy to sustain operations.

It must also scale with your growth.

Here are the key differences between commercial solar and residential:


Commercial solar panels are larger. The size allows it to generate more power and improves its efficiency.

These panels aren’t ideal for residences because they typically don’t have space for it.

For commercial establishments, it isn’t much of an issue. Your business needs higher efficiency as there are more moving parts throughout the day.

When comparing the two types of panels, residential ones usually have 72 cells. Commercial ones have 96 cells and are 13 inches taller.


Commercial establishments have more freedom when choosing the color of their panels and the backing. The choice depends mostly on preference.

Many establishments use black or blue paneling on a white background. Residential panels often only come with fewer designs.


On average, a commercial panel has 2% higher efficiency than a residential panel.

While this may seem like a small number, the size makes up for it.

Commercial panels produce more power, and the higher efficiency means that you get more value for each.

Even though it is more efficient, it is also affordable. A 4KW residential system has the same price as a similarly powered commercial system.


Installation is often faster in many commercial areas as we don’t have to deal with slanted roofs.

Many buildings have flat roofs, giving us an easier time to move around.

However, since commercial properties need many panels, it usually takes more time to complete a project. We can install a few panels in a house in one to two days.

Commercial systems often take at least a month to complete. During this month, we ensure that we will not affect the workflow in any way.

The time also gives us more space to test everything and ensure that things are in working order when you make the switch.

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Our Commercial Solar Process

Once you’ve decided to have a commercial solar energy system, we’ll go through several steps.

We want to streamline the process to help you transition quickly.

Here is what you should expect once you begin working with us:

  1. Site evaluation: We begin analyzing your structure, topography, and geography. We make plans for an optimal system based on your location. We also determine how it connects to the grid, verifying building codes.
  2. Design: We put more details into our plan and designs. You’ll receive a blueprint detailing how we’ll arrange the panels. It will include information on construction, and you can make changes as needed.
  3. Construction: Installation can take anywhere from two weeks to several months. It depends on the project’s size. During this time, we’ll inform you of any changes you need to make.
  4. Commission: Once construction completes, we then check if everything is in working order. You then gain permission from the utility to operate your system and connect with the local grid.
  5. Operation and maintenance: Your contract will specify our level of involvement during this phase. We can provide long-term support, which includes repair and maintenance as necessary. We can also provide routine cleaning.

We’re Your Partners in Commercial Solar

With all the incentives and rebates going towards solar, this year is a great time to make the switch. Having renewable energy at your back is the competitive edge you need.

It saves you money, attracts the public, and protects the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our services and plans.

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