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Install Solar Panels for Your Home or Business in California

For years, California has dominated the country in solar power generation and capacity.

Even with its position, the industry rapidly grows thanks to the many state benefits.

Lower costs, better support, and improved materials make systems very attractive in California.

Through our services, Cali Solar and our team of expert solar panel installers has helped many homeowners save money and protect the environment.

Is It Worth Going Solar in California?

California experiences over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year.

It contains many of the largest solar panel installations in the country, including the Mojave Desert facilities.

Solar farms, power plants, and facilities dominate with many others in the works.

Why California is a Top State for Solar

There are many reasons why California remains at the top in solar in the country.

The Weather

For one, there is rarely any rain that hits the state. Snow has been absent from many areas for decades.

Clear skies for most of the year means that property owners can maximize their solar panels for its entire lifespan.


It’s not uncommon for solar panels to offset 80% or more of a utility bill in California. The sunshine the state receives means owners have a payback period of less than six years.

Not only that, the cost of materials for solar panels has lowered by 80% in the last decade.

Even with lower prices, they remain durable and have better efficiency. With an average lifespan of 25 years, you can enjoy free energy for 16 years after the system pays itself back.

Not only that, California has many incentives to reduce costs even further.

Solar Installation Cost: Incentives, Rebates, and Other Benefits

Hand holding money banknote with photovoltaic solar energy panels in background,Many incentives available in California combine to give the most savings possible.
The Federal Investment Tax Credit is one of the most impactful solar incentives in US history.

In 2021, it allows new solar panel users a 26% deduction from their overall system costs.

The program will continue until 2023 before it retires. In case the reduction isn’t fully utilized, it will move to the following year.

Long-Term Net Metering System

Aside from the ITC, California also has a long-standing net metering system.

Net metering allows solar panel owners to sell excess energy back to the local grid.
The power you sell then returns as a credit to your use of the grid during nighttime and rainy seasons.

Installing solar panels also doesn’t add to property taxes, and no other entity can prevent installation.

Solar panels are also appealing to today’s green-conscious consumers.

The presence of panels immediately increases the value of a house. Data shows that homes with panels get more offers and better prices.

Help the Environment

Traditional utility systems generate electricity through the use of fossil fuels.

It means that utility prices come with the high demand for oil, coal, and gas.

It can result in price fluctuations that can significantly affect one’s monthly bills.

Solar panels use clean, renewable energy using the near-unlimited resource that is the sun.

Not only that, fossil fuels emit harmful toxins in the burning process.

These toxins contribute to climate change and spread pollution.

Fuels have damaged water sources, the ozone, and even the soil.

Solar panels do not emit any of these toxins, and each house that uses panels reduces its carbon footprint significantly.

Solar panels are also resilient, withstanding many extreme weather events.

Traditional power lines can quickly fail during storms and hurricanes.

Solar panels are so durable that they can continue to function even in bad weather.

They also require very little maintenance throughout their lifespan.

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Required Licenses

To install solar panels in California, most contractors like us have a C-46 license.

The license is a requirement of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

No one can install and repair panels beyond the $500 cost without the license.

Only licensed contractors have the right to bid on projects and install on homes.

Gaining a C-46 license requires education and a set number of years of experience.

The C-46 is proof that we can work unsupervised and can maintain the highest standards.

Getting a license can take a long time due to processing requirements.

Extensive knowledge of solar panel systems is required to gain any form of qualification.

The Cost of Solar Panel Installation

The cost of solar panel systems in California ranges from $12,000 to $17,000.

While it is a significant investment, the incentives and the payback period make it worthwhile.

However, not all property owners have enough money to make the transition.

As such, there are several options available in the state to help with the upfront fees.

Options to Consider

  • The first option we recommend is getting a solar loan. The loan pays for the upfront fees, and you regularly pay back the loan with low interest.
    The good thing about solar loans is their low-interest rates, and you’ll retain ownership of the panels. Some programs even come at zero initial cost.
  • The other option is through solar leasing or a PPA. When leasing, you don’t pay for any cost of installing the panels.
    However, the system is not yours but instead owned by a third-party investor.
    You then pay utility fees to the investor, though it is at a much lower rate than standard electricity. These agreements last for 10 to 20 years.

After the agreement, you can choose to buy the panels, move to a new deal, or end it. If you end it, the investor will pay for the removal of the system.

Solar Panel Installation With Cali Solar

solar panel installation - Cali SolarCali Solar’s quick and efficient system has helped many California residents switch to renewable energy.

Most residential systems can be up and running after one to two days.

We can point you in the right direction if you’re looking for a loan or lease. We can also help you claim the incentives and rebates that come with your solar panels.

Our passion and dedication to clean energy ensure that you get the best quality in the state.

With our system, you won’t experience any power outages, and you’ll avoid price spikes.

You can opt for a battery system that stores excess energy for use on a rainy day.

You can even build a system that fully relies on solar, freeing you from dependence on the grid. Contact us today to learn more about our solar services.