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Affordable Residential Solar Roofing Solutions in California

Solar roofing solutions like tiles and shingles are taking over many parts of the world.

It is a newer technology and one that has more promise in terms of lifespan and aesthetics.

It is an ideal choice for someone looking to have functional roofing that serves as a solar power generator besides its regular uses.

Cali Solar is one of the companies that handles and installs solar roofing to fulfill your needs.

Is Solar Roofing Worth It?

To date, there are two types of solar roofing. You can embed these with the existing rooftop covering and have the durability of traditional roofing materials.

These two types are:

  1. Solar tiles: These are multilayer tiles that have thin-film solar cells. These durable tiles contain silicon solar cells.
  2. Solar shingles: Solar shingles are a replacement for typical roofing shingles. They contain monocrystalline silicon solar cells, much like solar tiles.

California Residential Solar Roofing - Cali SolarThe first solar roofing made its debut in Colorado in 2011.

Since then, its adoption has become more common, especially in California.

Its popularity increased following the large-scale program by Tesla in creating the Tesla Solar Roof.

This roofing consists of higher quality materials made to replace roof shingles.

The adoption of solar roofing is widespread and tested throughout the world.

In some parts of the country, we even see vehicles that have solar roof capability.

Solar street lights, garden lights, and outdoor lights help lessen electricity costs within a city.

Since 2018, more California residences and commercial establishments have adopted this new technology. A Tesla roofing consists of around 60% non-solar shingles, and 40% solar generating ones. Other brands followed suit, and since then, solar roofing has become the new thing to grace the evolving world of renewable energy.

Solar Roofing Vs. Solar Panels

Due to being a new technology, there are many arguments against solar shingles and tiles. Weighing each advantage and disadvantage can help you decide if solar roofing is the option for you. Here are the main points to consider:

Installation And Efficiency

residential solar roofing services - Cali SolarWe recommend the installation of solar roof tiles and shingles for new homes.
Unless you have the extra money for it, removing your old roof for a solar panel removal and replacement may prove too costly.

Since it is a new technology, effectiveness is still a question. Only time will tell if solar roofing has the advantage over its panel counterpart.

One distinct advantage that panels have is their orientation. You can adjust the panel to hit the right angles and generate the most energy when the sun is at its brightest.

For roofing, you have to make adjustments in areas where they can generally gather the most sunlight.

Another option is to install more solar shingles to generate more electricity.

A solar roofing system has an inverter to help generate the most electricity possible, much like panels.

It also connects to a monitoring system for any maintenance work or upgrades. You always have access to your solar roofing from your smartphone.

Visual Appeal

Solar shingles look like asphalt shingles, giving them the feel of a traditional roof.

They can come in shades of blue and black, with more design options on the way. A lot of homeowners dislike the fact that solar panels stand out.

For those that want an integrated design, solar roofing is the best option available.


Solar roofing is much more expensive than traditional roofing. The added expense can lead to gains later on as your solar energy system helps offset electricity bills.

A solar-powered home gains its return on investment (ROI) on an average of six years.

The most expensive solar roof available is Tesla’s, which costs around $21.85 per square foot.

There are alternatives available if you can’t afford the most expensive one in the market.

Here are some other popular options that we offer:

  • Exasun X-Roof: X-Roof is a roof replacement option much like Tesla. The company also offers the X-tile, which resembles terracotta roofing.
  • Forward: Much like Tesla, Forward’s solar tiles are available in PV and non-PV. They have a terracotta style tile and a metal style to help give a steel roof effect.
  • SunTegra Tile and Shingle: You can place SunTegra shingles atop existing shingles. The tile version is a full-replacement type.
  • Luma Solar Roof: This is another roof replacement product.
  • Hanergy HanTile: The HanTile uses thin-film PV and has a look that resembles dark terracotta.
  • CertainTeed Apollo II: The Apollo is one of the most affordable solar roofing alternatives in the market.


Tesla and other companies expect solar roofing products to last for at least 30 years.

With proper maintenance, solar roofing can last even longer.

One of the best things about it is that solar roofing needs very little in terms of maintenance. You’ll only clean it the way you would regular roofing.

Installing Solar panels systems, in comparison, only average a lifespan of 20 to 25 years.

Even then, solar roofing is new technology.

Since we are still in the middle of testing solar roofing, only time will tell if they can last more than solar panels.

For now, the material of solar roofing is stronger than the usual tiles.

Tesla shingles have three times the strength and durability of regular roofing shingles.

New Technology

Since solar tiles and shingles are new technology, there is a lot of growth potential. We could see more efficient and affordable roofing solutions soon.

Companies that are pushing new developments signal faster growth.

It’s Time For A New Roof

residential solar roofing company California - Cali SolarCali Solar has handled many residential solar roofing installations, providing top-notch services since its rise to fame a few years ago.

The new technology is a hit among those looking to blend beautiful roofing and clean renewable energy.

It is an ideal time to make the switch with all the incentives and rebates around solar technology.

We can help you find a roof that matches your budget! We’ll help you during the design process and recommend you the best products available.

A solar roof is a worthwhile investment that can help save you money in the long run. It cuts down energy bills and protects your home from harsh elements.

Contact Cali Solar today to start your solar roofing journey!