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Residential Solar in California - Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

The growth in solar power over the last few years is exponential.

With the mandate of new homes in California requiring solar panels, finding the best system becomes necessary.

Cali Solar provides the best product and services.

We handle everything from design to installation.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2021?

Solar panels have come a long way in the last ten years.

Back then, they were too expensive and had shorter lifespans. Modern technology has made panels long-lasting, efficient, and affordable.

Many residences in the state switched to fully utilizing solar energy for their power, only having the electric grid as a backup.

There are many reasons why you should switch to solar this year:

Government Support

california residential solar company - Cali SolarThe government is very active in promoting the transition to solar.

Many programs are in place to help us mitigate the costs and incentivizes the switch.

For example, the Federal ITC allows solar panel owners to receive an incentive amounting to 26% of the installation cost. This incentive will continue until 2023.

Net metering is another thing that has support in California.

If you opt for net metering, you can have your system sell back excess energy to the grid.

Not only does this reduce your energy costs, but you can even end up in a situation where you get paid for the electricity you provide.

Taxes are also reduced for solar panels annually, making it desirable to get one this year.


Most solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years, and this lifespan will only increase with newer models.

With proper maintenance, many of them can easily last for up to 30 years.

Maintenance also prevents the solar panel from losing efficiency. Newer models can maintain an output of over 90% even in the 25th to 30th year.

Maintenance is also an infrequent occurrence for solar panels.

For the most part, your panels will only need a bit of cleaning to remove dirt and dust.

Aside from them, we can check junction boxes and other parts to ensure they are secure. Due to the need for little maintenance, costs are minimal.

Protects The Environment

residential solar contractor california - Cali SolarSolar energy is a renewable resource, taking advantage of the power of the sun.

It is a method that does not harm the environment.

Non-renewable forms of energy create emissions that cause harm to the atmosphere.

It damages the ozone and also affects various living matter around us.

By using solar panels, you significantly reduce any carbon footprint you are making.

These gases are responsible for global warming and can contribute to natural disasters.

The sun has so much energy that much of it goes to waste.

Using it is a form of clean energy that helps build a green future for the next generations.

Increasing Electrical Costs

With inflation and increasing demand, electric bills continue to rise each year.

Many of the devices and appliances we rely on using a lot of energy. An increasing bill hurts your purchasing power.

Instead of having money for other important things, it gets used to pay for electricity.

It can be a frustrating experience to see a large swing in your bill.

According to the US EIA, the average cost of electricity is much higher than in 2019.

It is at least 4% higher than the average from five years ago and shows no sign of slowing down.

The expectation is that prices will continue to rise until 2040.

The 2 Main Challenges To Solar Energy

california residential solar contractor - Cali SolarMaking the switch to solar has some challenges that need addressing.

Two main disadvantages may prevent you from getting panels installed.

There are ways to circumvent these challenges.

With our help, you’ll get to experience the greater upside that solar provides.

Challenge 1: High Upfront Cost

Not everyone is ready for the initial cost of the panels, along with their installation.

A system can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $17,000. It can add around $40 a month to your mortgage payments. The price tag usually makes people reconsider getting panels.

To help against high costs, we provide financing options to reduce the upfront payments.

Financing pays it for you, and you then choose a plan that you are comfortable with. It helps mitigate the costs, and you get to enjoy solar power earlier.

Not only that, combining financing with the various incentives and rebates available helps you get your money back fast.

Even if you’re paying an additional $40 a month, you’ll save energy that costs $80 to $200 a month.

For a state like California, your system will pay you back in the span of three to six years. From then on, it is free energy.

Challenge 2: Efficiency

Another big concern that people have is the efficiency of solar panels.

The amount of energy it produces depends on the season, time, and location.

The sun also doesn’t shine at night, so those panels don’t generate power then.

Weather like rain and snow is also a concern that many have.

California doesn’t have any issues with efficiency compared to other states.

It’s sunny most of the year, and there is barely any rain that’ll affect the panels.

We can position your panels to make the most out of the sun, and you can even have a dynamic system that follows the sun’s direction.

California is one of the best places to have solar panels because you can enjoy them all year.

When it comes to nightfall, our systems have ways to store energy for use.

Much of the electricity your system gathers will remain in storage until you need it.

In the worst-case scenario, you can still enjoy solar energy power 80% of the time. That is 80% fewer costs on your electric bill.

Switch To Solar With Cali Solar

Our complete system and skilled professionals make it easy for you to get solar power up and running.

We offer some of the most competitive prices, and you have many choices when it comes to the system.

We’ll handle everything from planning to installation, consulting you each step of the way.

Even if you’re living in a remote area, you can enjoy solar power.

Our systems can handle large electric loads, and we can help you get a plan that minimizes the upfront costs.

Contact us today to get started!