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Affordable Solar Battery Installation in California

Solar Battery Installation by Cali Solar

A solar battery is a tool that can help enhance the solar power experience of anyone.

It allows you to maximize the use of your solar generation and can even make you reliant on solar.

The best part is that you have control over how you use your battery. These batteries are a storage solution that solar panels need to help your home have backup energy.

Cali Solar can help set you up with the best battery for your system. We take a look at each feature and recommend one based on your budget.

What Is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery acts as a form of storage for electricity the solar panels use.
When your panels generate electricity, you do not use all of it. If you do not have connections to the local grid, the energy fizzles out, as there is no place for it to go.

If it’s connected to the grid, you can sell the excess back thanks to the net metering policy.
The battery acts as a primary outlet of excess energy. This way, the extra electricity you generate first fills the solar battery until capacity.

Now you have solar energy available at night and when it isn’t sunny out.
You can also use the battery during extreme weather conditions and blackouts.

The excess energy then returns to the grid if you have net metering.
The solar battery lessens your reliance on local utilities during periods of low sunlight. The best part is that you have control over the use of your battery.

App integration means that you can direct the flow of power and decide when you need to use it.
Solar batteries also make it easy to monitor and maintain your solar power system.

You can connect it to the app and check the efficiency of your panels.
Apps also calculate the panels’ environmental effect and the amount you save.

You can also gauge when your panels need maintenance.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

How Solar Batteries Work by Cali Solar

Solar batteries connect to a separate inverter and have energy conversion integrated.
The amount of energy a battery can store depends on the manufacturer.

The solar power the panels produce first goes to the inverter where it converts for storage. The battery stores the electricity until you need it.

If you turn on the battery at night, the electricity flows back to the inverter where it can go to your home’s electric panel.
The panel prioritizes the usage of the solar battery. If your system is grid-tied, it can then get energy from the grid if it needs it.

The Cost of a Solar Battery

Depending on the brand, type, and capacity, solar batteries can range from $200 to $10,000. It can be an expensive addition to a solar panel system, as the average solar system cost is around $12,000 to $16,000.

A cheap solar battery usually consists of lead-acid, which has a significantly shortened lifespan. They also require more maintenance than other types of batteries.

The more expensive types are lithium-ion batteries. They are the opposite of lead-acid, lasting longer and needing little to no maintenance.

Most residential systems in California have a lithium-ion battery and are grid-tied.

The good news is that many incentives can reduce the costs of installing a system with a battery.

California solar batteries for HomeThe biggest benefit is the Federal solar tax credit that offered a 26% tax credit based on your costs.

The rate has been reduced to 22%, but it will carry over to the following year. Some cities in California also offer additional rebates for installing a battery system.

Combining a battery system with net metering gives you a better chance to offset your electrical bills.

There will be months when you generate enough energy to cut 80% to 100% of your electricity bills.

The money you save with net metering will also hasten the payback period of your system.

California boasts the fastest solar payback, with most achieving it in six years.

It means that for a lifespan of 25 or more years, you’ll experience 19 years of free electricity.

The amount you save during this period amounts to at least $40,000.

With grid reliability being an issue in many states around the country, having a battery is appealing.

It also saves you from a period of volatility when the grid experiences much stress due to outages.

Choosing a Solar Battery

There are four features you need to look out for when shopping for a solar battery.

Each one can influence its efficiency:

1. Round trip efficiency:

This is the amount of energy you use from the battery compared to the energy it took to store electricity.
For example, a round trip efficiency of 80% means that the battery uses 2kW of 10kW for storage. The better its efficiency, the more money you’ll save.

2. Warranty:

Most manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty, which is the lifespan of most batteries. As long as you have regular maintenance, you can switch a battery 2-3 times in 25 years. Like other batteries, its capacity to hold a charge decreases over time, which is why it requires a change.

3. Power and capacity rating:

The capacity rating tells you how much electricity the battery can store for later use. The power rating is the battery’s ability to deliver electricity to your home once you turn it on. A low capacity means that you can only use the battery for a short time. A low power rating can only power a few appliances.

4. Depth of discharge:

This is the amount of electricity discharged before you need to recharge it.
For example, a DoD of 60% means that you can’t go beyond 60% of the battery’s charge before recharging. If you do, the battery could gain damage.

Having a higher DoD rating is ideal, as it allows you to use more energy.

A Battery Is a Worthwhile Addition

Pairing a solar battery with your solar panel system provides additional solar benefits.

You can use the extra energy you save for emergencies like blackouts. It prevents outages from affecting the normal flow within your home. It also means that you rely less on the electrical grid.

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