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Your Residential Solar Panel Solutions Tailored for California Homes

California is one of the best states to have solar panels installed. Consistent sunny weather and hassle-free government policies make it easy for residents to make the switch to solar.

Many panels installed in the state get maximum efficiency. If you’re considering getting residential solar panels, Cali Solar can help you.

What Are Solar House Panels For?

A solar panel system gathers sunlight and converts that energy to electricity.

Cells in the panels contain boron, silicon, and phosphorus.

When the panel absorbs light, it initiates the generation of energy and electricity.

This electricity flows through a current which you can then use to power your home.

In California, solar panels can generate enough energy for all your appliances and devices.

The excess electricity goes to the main power grid, which you can then use at night.

If you don’t need to use the excess energy, net metering programs allow you to sell that power back to the grid.

Not only does it save you on electric bill costs, but you can also get paid back for the energy you provide.

Home Solar Panel Size

Solar Panel Technician - Cali SolarThe average panel size is around 5.4 feet to 3.25 feet.

While there are variations, they all fall around similar dimensions.

Size is an important consideration during solar panel installation.

Most of the time, the average size can fit on your usable roof area.

An alternative is that you can opt for larger panels that cost less per piece.

Your roof will have enough space to maximize the sunlight and provide for your home.

Not only that, Cali Solar has panels that make use of the latest technology.

Their efficiency is better, and they produce more energy, even in smaller sizes.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels provide many benefits, and that’s why there is a heavy promotion by the government.

The many advantages it gives you add up.

Here is why having solar panels is worth your investment:

Tax Credits And Rebate

Solar Panels - Cali SolarMany state and federal programs help reduce the costs of the installation of a solar panel system.

One of the biggest is the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC). It allows you a return of almost 30% of your system costs when you file taxes.

For example, if your system is worth $25,000, you can get savings of around $7,500.

Local rebates also pay you at least $500 for your system. In the best-case scenario, you get a return of $0.95 per watt of installed capacity.

Adding this to net metering allows you a quick return of investment (ROI).

The statewide net metering program helps you gain 5% of aggregate customer peak demand as an incentive.

Potentially Eliminate Energy Bills

California is sunny for the entire year, with rainy days far and few.

Your panels will generate their max efficiency and capacity to help you reduce any reliance on the local grid.

Even at 80% efficiency, you’ll only pay 20% of what you would with your electric bills.

A typical American family spends around $1,450 a year on electricity.

Most of the time, your solar panels will be able to offset your electrical use.

There are times you’ll pay, but even with the upfront costs, a system can save you over $40,000 in 20 years.

Increase Your Property Value

Data from various studies show that homes with solar panels fetch higher prices.

Many perceive them as high-value, which elevates the worth of a property.

Today’s market is also green-conscious, and they’ll look for any opportunity to help the environment.

Homes with solar panels get much more offers, and these offers are higher than average.

On average, a home’s value increases 4.1% with solar panels installed. When looking at the median value for houses in the US, 4.1% is at least a $9,000 increase in a home’s price.

Help The Environment

You can trace harmful emissions back to humanity’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources like fuel.

Electricity often comes from the use of natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels.

By switching to solar, you use a clean energy source that does not release any toxic substances.

The sun is a near-infinite resource, and our use of it does not take away any of its capacity.

As we improve the environment through solar, we’ll experience better health.

It reduces the costs needed for health care as we reduce pollution all around.

Solar energy does not need water to operate so we can improve our water supply. It also works even when there is a heatwave or a drought.

Provide More Jobs

The renewable energy sector is responsible for helping thousands of families get food to the table.

In 2019, the USER revealed that over 611,000 people in the US work in clean energy.

It helped produce over 800,000 jobs that year, and the number continues to increase.

Not only do they provide jobs, but the pay allows them to live comfortable lives.

Home Solar Panel Cost

Home Solar Panel Installation - Cali SolarThe average cost of solar panels is around $12,000 to $17,000 in the state of California.

While this is a significant upfront cost, the amount you’ll save on your electric bills will pay you back.

On average, the system can return your investment in a span of three to six years.

Not only that, we provide various financing options to help ease entry.

With financing, you’ll only pay a small portion of the costs upfront.

You’ll then pay the cost of the system over time. It prevents a big reduction in your finances and still helps keep your purchasing power.

Combine it with the savings you get annually and the government incentives, and you’ll be able to pay for your system quickly.

Make The Switch With Cali Solar

Cali Solar is one of the leading solar companies in the state.

We’ve provided numerous high-efficiency panels and systems for thousands of homes.

Our solar panels have helped lessen electric bills, improve the environment, and protect houses from outages.

As The Sunshine State continues its move to 100% clean energy, we want to help you get into this revolution.

We offer various plans that help you get a system that matches your preferences.

We’ll keep you updated on each step, from planning to the installation process.

We’ll also help you get the right financing options and assist with the incentives.

Contact us today to learn more!