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Solar pool water heater - Cali Solar
6 May

Save On Energy Bills With Solar Powered Pool Heater in California A heated pool is a great way to relax and have fun. It provides comfort, and studies show that swimming in it is a healthy practice. It also makes it possible for you to swim during colder months, giving versatility for use all year….

Residential Solar Water Heating California
6 May

Solar Water Heating Systems for Your Home in California One of the biggest energy consumers within our homes is the water heater. We may not notice it, but water heaters are one of the biggest contributors to energy bills. One of the best ways to offset its electricity usage is to install a residential solar…

California Residential Solar Roofing - Cali Solar
6 May

Affordable Residential Solar Roofing in California Solar roofing solutions like tiles and shingles are taking over many parts of the world. It is a newer technology and one that has more promise in terms of lifespan and aesthetics. It is an ideal choice for someone looking to have functional roofing that serves as a solar…

Solar Roofing California - Cali Solar
6 May

Get Quality Residential Solar Panels in California California is one of the best states to have solar panels installed. Consistent sunny weather and hassle-free government policies make it easy for residents to make the switch to solar. Many panels installed in the state get maximum efficiency. If you’re considering getting residential solar panels, Cali Solar…