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7 May

Install Solar Panels for Your Home or Business in California For years, California has dominated the country in solar power generation and capacity. Even with its position, the industry rapidly grows thanks to the many state benefits. Lower costs, better support, and improved materials make systems very attractive in California. Through our services, Cali Solar…

7 May

Solar Panel Removal in California – Save Money and Energy for Your Home or Business Solar panel removal is on the rise in California. Experts predict that by 2020, solar panels will be cheaper than natural gas and coal power plants there as well. How Much Does It Cost to Remove Solar Panels? If you…

7 May

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in California – Increase Their Efficiency and Longevity In 2009, Google determined that solar panel cleaning has a positive impact on performance. The company has held a 1.6 mW solar panel installation and their experiment with solar panel cleaning increased their efficiency significantly. While companies don’t talk about it, cleaning helps…